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I am registered as a Provider with ACC (for assessment and treatment related to sensitive claims and psychological services).  

For a sensitive claim – you do not need to lodge the sensitive claim prior to our session as I can do this on your behalf. Please note that I am not currently taking new clients.

A supported assessment determines if the sexual abuse/assault that you experienced has affected your mental health, with a written report provided to ACC.

The process consists of an interview/s (approximately 3 hours), and covers:

  • Your childhood and events throughout your life;
  • The sexual abuse/assault that you experienced and how it has affected you.  In some cases, this information may be provided by your counsellor beforehand;
  • The current situation – including your mood, relationships with other people, any substance use, and your employment; and
  • The completion of questionnaires.

The interview process may result in some emotional discomfort.  Breaks can be taken as required.  You are welcome to bring a support person.  If you attend alone, it can be useful to meet with a support person afterwards.  

In a follow up session, you can review the report, discuss the treatment recommendations, and ask any questions.

Your Lead Provider can book your assessment here.

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